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Pointy Toe Boot With Wide Calf

The Fitzwell Jigsaw wide calf boot is an extremely popular brand of footwear. And it has withstood the test of time, which is rather short in the shoe business. But, nonetheless this boot continues to sell well. In fact, inventories of the “Jigsaw” will decline to very low levels at times, making them hard to find. Just another testimony to the popularity of this wide fitting boot for women who have a large calf muscle.

But the fact that it’s well built and provides an outstanding solution for ladies with big legs doesn’t mean that they aren’t gorgeous. This is a chic boot that exudes style and good looks. The fashionable 3 1/4 inch heel and the pointed toe add to the attention grabbing beauty of this shoe.

Women have told us that they’ve searched for months to find boots with plus sized calf measurements for this winter. And in some cases they have specific plans for holiday parties where they will be wearing them. We have friends who love their Franco Sarto brand, but for now, we’ll pick the Fitzwell Jigsaw. Don’t wait too long, because we know it will be hard to find your size as the weather turns colder this winter.